Apr 182016


My wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary coming week. In our marriage life, an anniversary is a vital occasion. This is because we are celebrating the previous years we’ve been together and the fact that we are still by each other’s side. As for wedding anniversary presents, they are just a symbol of love and gratitude we feel for one another.

My wife is very excited for this year’s anniversary while on the other hand, I’ve been wondering what gift to surprise her with. On previous years, I have taken to her jewelry, clothes and we’ve gone for trips, to mention but a few. I’m sure this year she will be expecting a different gift but I’m caught up because it seems like my ideas are running low.

holidayWhen we go on trips, we arrive at the specific destinations a day earlier and leave a day after the actual day and month we got married. We go for long walks on the beach, and make sure we take a dive in the sea/ocean. And there’s nothing as beautiful as watching the sunset with the love of your life. Spending each awakening day with my wife is the best gift I could ask for. So during our anniversary trips, I make sure that I treat her in accordance to the value she has in my life.

In case we don’t go to a beach, and instead visit amazing romantic places like Paris (city of love), we ensure we visit all those wonderful sites and take pictures for memories sake. Like all lovers do, we are not ashamed to share our love because that’s the reason why we are still together and it’s what we are celebrating.

As for jewelry, diamond accessories are the highlight of it all. Diamond earrings or necklace, really do complement my wife’s complexion. Whenever I go to a gift shop, I seek only for the best jewelry and since I know my wife’s taste, I make sure I get her a present that will wow her and will act as an emblem of that special day to us.

Clothe shopping for women, especially for a guy like me is a bit tough. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it because you are doing it for the woman you love. My wife loves dresses a lot so that’s always my target area but I tend to get her one that’s different from those she owns or from her favorite designer.

I have to admit the tension that comes with this kind of present because I’m not always sure if she will like or reject it. Good thing so far, I have never disappointed. I believe good outfits should never be wasted, so I always take my lovely wife out on a dinner date.

So this year’s anniversary gift is still a mystery to me. What to get her is merely the problem but something meaningful is. Behind every anniversary present is a symbol of what I feel for her. I have not failed to show her how much I love her more after every anniversary and this won’t be the first.

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